Civil liability and insurance



Facing a civil liability claim is challenging for a business. It must handle the potential impacts on its reputation, relations with its insurer and business partners. The expert assessment phase can make or break a case. Proper cooperation between lawyers and technical experts is thus key to providing the best defence. Our firm is greatly experienced in these types of cases and will defend you with efficiency and pragmatism.

Contact: Marine Duponcheel

2018 – “renowned practice” Industrial risks (Décideurs)

2018 – “renowned practice” Defective products (Décideurs)


Claims and industrial risks

Court-ordered expertise, contractual and tortious liability, in sectors including construction, industrial equipment manufacturing, agrobusiness and aviation.

Product liability

Defective product liability, guarantee for hidden defects, breach of obligation to deliver goods complying with contractual terms, rules on domestic and international sales.

Insurance law

  • Interpretation of insurance policies, subrogation claims, general insurance, civil liability insurance.
  • Liability of the various participants involved in construction projects
  • Builders liability, delivery, decennial liability, property owner insurance (dommage-ouvrage).

Recent work

  • Representing a European manufacturer of electronic equipment designed for windmills against allegations of defects and late deliveries.
  • Representing a manufacturer of wheel components and their insurer in several disputes against allegations of defects causing issues in the operation of rail lines.
  • Representing the insurer of a French company specialised in the import of products designed for human consumption on the European market following the contamination of such products.