Labour law

Given the constant normative evolutions of French labour law, our firm can assist in the drafting and updating of all key documents that govern individual and collective employment relations (contracts and amendments, rules and regulations, collective agreements, rulebooks…) and advise on all HR issues (dismissal procedures, negotiations with staff representative bodies…).

When an individual or collective dispute arises, we support you, during the pre-trial and trial stages, in implementing a bespoke defence strategy factoring in your company’s operational constraints.

Contact: Pierre-Xavier Boubée  and Marine Couturier

Individual employment relations

Review and drafting of employment contracts, changes to terms of employment, disciplinary powers, individual dismissal or collective redundancy procedures, other types of termination of employment contracts, settlements

Collective relations and handling of staff representative bodies

Social audits, dealings with personnel representative institutions, elections of staff representative bodies, drafting of company-level agreements and rulebooks, collective employment disputes

Health and safety at work

Prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases, developing and updating the occupational risk assessment document (DUE), internal investigations relating to harassment, relations with health and safety inspection services, inability to work

Social security matters

Disputes relating to work accidents and occupational diseases (AT/MP), gross negligence, URSSAF disputes